Packing the fish. This is the culmination of all processes/work that has gone before... Fresh lake water is used – the water temperature and pH level is checked before packing begins. This is where the final selection of the fish is made. A simple assembly line technique is used with each worker undertaking an allotted task – they have almost a two-day journey ahead of them to the majority of destinations.





Shipping process:-

1. Order is received

2. Fish brought into the main fish house in individual buckets for closer monitoring prior to shipment for a minimum period of 3 days

3. A Fisheries Dept. official checks that everything is in order – as always fish are examined in bags

4. Bags are placed in appropriate polystyrene boxes, sealed, labeled and ready for transport

5. Fish are transported to Lilongwe Airport

6. The cargo office of Manica, our agents, place the fish in the cargo terminal ready to be put on the plane