Different fish from different locations. This is the key to variety and it thus follows that to get the variety - the ground has to be covered. To this aim stations have been established on an almost lake-wide basis with their divers radiating out to known dive sites. These stations supply the fish to HQ at Kambiri Point by lake and by road.

Likoma Island is the largest collecting station. Two teams of four divers cover Likoma and the adjacent island of Chizumulu - a two-boat operation. A company building holds all gear, equipment and fuel close to where the Ilala anchors on its weekly north and southbound lake schedule.

Nkhata Bay is the oldest northern collecting station. One team covers a large area from Ruarwe/Charo north of the Bay to Kande Island southwards. On the beach a store holds gear, equipment and fuel – divers staff quarters are nearby. This station is now a pickup point where fish from Chilumba, Likoma come in on the MS 'Ilala'. The fish from Nkhata Bay station, and Chilumba and Likoma are loaded on the truck and driven 450 km south to Kambiri Point.

Chilumba is the northernmost collecting station covering an area from Ngara to the north to Chitimba southwards. Here there is a team of four divers with one boat. This area holds an interesting variety of fish species and as is the case with Nkhata Bay there is a Lake Service Dock/Jetty/Office that is used by the MV Ilala on its weekly lake schedule. Fish from Chilumba station travel to Nkhata Bay on the 'Ilala' on its southbound journey.