Fish House


Not counting the glass aquaria and holding facilities in the main fish house building, some 370 concrete tubs are in existence, with two thirds of these being either 1,200 or 1,000 litres capacity. The smaller 500 litre tubs are suitable for smaller collections of fish. Every tub has an air supply and most have automatic water reticulation.

The ponds are ideal for holding "numbers" fish and also for open water fish that do not take kindly to making the change from open lake to captivity

Two large air blowers power the filters. The filters are simple but effective - and a good throughput of water develops through the funnels drilled around their periphery. Every morning some 50 tubs' filters are cleaned in a roster basis by the fish house personnel, ensuring all to be covered with a seven-day period. The better the cleaning - less daily DOA - as simple as that.

If and when a particular tub/problem develops the filters are laid out in the sun and dried out completely - allowing the ultra-violet rays of the sun to thoroughly kill off any residual bacteria or micro-organisms.

The white centre pipe carries air to all of the concrete tubs - the black piping supplies the water - pumped from two 86,000 litre reservoirs which are filled from the lake.